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In this month's newsletter we are pleased to offer articles about Tiaret, the Aurès Mountains, and Cheikha Rimitti.

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Tell Atlas Town of Tiaret

With numerous megalithic monuments found in the province, Tiaret has a long history of being inhabited. The town of Tiaret is built on a site that was originally established as a Roman station or rest stop for traders, travele...

The Aurès Mountains of Algeria

As an extension of the Atlas Mountains, the Aurès Mountains are located to the east of the Saharan Atlas, stretching from eastern Algeria into northwestern Tunisia. The highest peak of the Aurès Mountains, Djebel Chélia, me...

Cheikha Rimitti: Musician for the People

Born in the village of Tessala in Western Algeria on 8 May 1923, Saadia El Ghizania later came to be known as Cheikha Rimitti and was referred to as the mother and grandmother of Algerian wahrani and raï music. With a career ...

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